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Making News!!!

The best part of my job is helping students learn, grow, and succeed in whatever their interests. This has been, and remains, my primary motivation as a professor. That said, it has been a satisfying (but entirely unexpected) experience to see our work making its way into the news. Over the last 18-months, several of our research studies were picked up by the science press. Our study about the geospatial characteristics of earthquakes in Oklahoma was the subject of a press release by the Geological Society of America. This resulted in several articles in the Oklahoma newspapers and one national story in Newsweek. Several months later Rick Jayne was approached by Science Trends to write a piece about one of his studies in geologic CO2 sequestration. And our most recent study about injection-induced earthquakes was picked up by the international science press, resulting in numerous news articles, e.g., in National Geographic, Eos, and Discover Magazine, among others. I was interviewed for radio by a reporter with Mountain West Public Radio and the Naked Scientists podcast. And our work was featured on the front page Scientific American's website yesterday morning! (Screen grab, you ask? Definitely!) Now, I am fully aware that this post is a not-so-humble brag, but I'm also incredibly proud of the work my group is doing, and I want to celebrate a little bit. So, I launched a "Media" page on our website with links to a number of our favorite news mentions and a couple audio clips from our adventures at the VT radio studio. I'll update it again when something comes up, so check in from time to time. Now, back to the students.

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