Undergraduate Researcher

  • GIS Data Management

  • Spatial Modeling

  • Virginia Geology


PhD Student

  • Fluid Injections

  • Numerical Modeling

  • Starting Fall 2021


MS Student

  • Offshore CO2 Seq

  • Modeling & Simulation

  • Starting Fall 2021


Wu Hao

2020 | Doctor of Philosophy

Dissertation:  Numerical investigations of geologic CO2 sequestration using physics-based and machine learning modeling strategies

Graydon L. Konzen

2020 | Masters of Science

Thesis:  Regional-scale impacts of fluid composition and geologic structure for injection-induced seismicity in the southern U.S. midcontinent

Jordan A. Pritchard

2020 | Bachelor of Science

Undergraduate Research: Paleohydrogeology of the Triassic Danville Basin and its relation to the Cole's Hill uranium deposit

Cameron R. Chambers

2020 | Bachelor of Science

Undergraduate Research: Modeling managed aquifer recharge operations at the Virginia SWIFT project, James River site

Richard S. Jayne

2019 | Doctor of Philosophy

Dissertation: Implications of permeability uncertainty within engineered geologic fluid systems 

Alec O. Gierzynski

2016 | Masters of Science

Thesis: Implications of permeability uncertainty during three-phase CO2 flow in a basalt fracture network

Richard S. Jayne

2015 | Masters of Science (NIU)

Thesis: Assessing groundwater recharge mechanisms in the Pampa del Tamarugal Basin of northern Chile's Atacama Desert

Ann E. Shillaber

2014 | Masters of Science (NIU)

Thesis: Using CO2 concentration gradients and spectral analysis to identify CCS reservoir leakage

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