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Introducing Dr. Richard S. Jayne

Here in the Computational Geofluids Lab, we're celebrating Rick's successful PhD defense and sending him off to start a postdoctoral appointment at Sandia National Labs. Rick was in the enviable position of defending his PhD dissertation with all four chapters already published as peer-reviewed journal articles. Rick's contributions to the science of geological fluid systems are many and finishing his PhD marks the beginning of what will surely be a marvelous and impactful career in geological fluid systems research.

At the same time, Rick's dissertation defense marks the end of phenomenal run. We've been working for over six years, throughout his MS and PhD research. We travelled internationally, shared a few beers and even more laughs. We started as student and advisor, but finished as friends. It's been real. It's been fun. It's been real fun.

Congratulations, Rick!

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