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Grady, Golder & Good News!

Good news sure is hard to come by these days, so we have to celebrate when it arrives. This month good news came by way of a "how's it going" email from recent alumnus, Graydon "Grady" Konzen, who finished his M.S. degree in spring 2020. Soon after graduation, Grady began his career as a groundwater modeling specialist with Golder & Associates in Seattle, Washington. We touched base over the holiday break, and Grady's response to the "how's it going" email was this:

It’s been a great move out to Seattle! I've had plenty of opportunity to get some hydrogeological field experience, which is essential to develop for any modeler. The models I have been involved with range from a simple 2-D seepage analysis to a structurally complex, 3-D finite element simulation of mine dewatering. Learning to model groundwater flow in the TOUGH3 integral finite volume code prepared me to break into any flavor of numerical modeling. -- Graydon Konzen

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to start one's career in the midst of a global pandemic, but Grady did it & he's out there making us proud. Thanks for checking in, Grady! Wishing you much continued success out west :-)

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