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Computational Geofluids @GSRS

Ph.D. students Rick Jayne and Wu Hao delivered excellent research talks at the Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS), and Rick received the award for "Best Talk of the Session" - BIG CONGRATS to Rick for the accomplishment.

The GSRS an annual student-led research expo at the Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences. This year, the GSRS was sponsored by the first-ever crowdfunding campaign that achieved 130% of its goal, and the result was a terrific 2-day event celebrating the research achievements of graduate students in the VT Department of Geosciences. And we'd be remiss not to mention GSRS Committee Chair, Ms. Kannikha Kolandaivelu, for her amazing stewardship and dedication to the event, which was the best we have seen.

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