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A Visit from Debanjan Chandra

We had the great pleasure of visiting with Debanjan Chandra earlier this week. Debanjan is a PhD student at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. His is working under the supervision of our friend and colleague, Dr. Vikram Vishal. Debanjan's dissertation research specializes in micro-to-nano scale pore structures in rocks associated with coal bed methane deposits, and he delivered a wonderful talk to our research group. During his visit, we also learned a great deal about efforts in India to move forward with carbon capture and sequestration in basalt formations, which is a particular specialty in our group.

Of course, we couldn't host an international visitor without our own special sauce, so Wu Hao and I treated Debanjan to his first American hamburger. And we couldn't resist the opportunity to teach Debanjan that Americans are world's experts in packing calories into our food, so we dropped an order of mozzarella sticks on the table. We had a great visit with Debanjan. We look forward to seeing his research progress, and perhaps finding collaborative opportunities in basalt sequestration with Dr. Vishal's research group IIT Bombay.

And a Big Thanks to Wu Hao for coordinating the logistics of Debanjan's visit.

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