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Mark Nell Visits VT Geosciences

Since the oil crash several years ago, major energy companies have significantly curtailed on-campus recruiting visits, preferring instead to sponsor regional recruiting workshops and/or interview students at the major research expos, e.g., Rocky Mountain Rendezvous. As a result, the Computational Geofluids Lab was excited to host Mr. Mark Nell for the Friday seminar series sponsored by VT Geosciences. Mark is an exploration geophysicist with ExxonMobil who specializes in applied geophysics research and he gave an interesting talk about intersection of geology, hydrocarbon energy resources, and future energy projections. During his visit, Mark also had the opportunity to meet numerous faculty and graduate students, and he generously hosted a happy hour at the local watering hole. Our students did a fantastic job engaging Mark in their research and asking questions about work-life in the oil and gas business. We hope this visit marks the beginning of a sustained relationship between VT Geosciences and ExxonMobil.

Mark Nell quizzing Drew Parent & Sebastian Droguett on the fault characteristics of an unusual outcrop displacement.

Happy hour with Mark Nell and VT Geosciences at 622 North. Big thanks to Mark for a memorable evening!

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